Saturday, May 23, 2009

New water feature uses the mineral water

After 3 days and eight blisters on one hand later, I finished our newest addition, a spillway and multitiered waterfall that uses the excess water from the public pools.

Other great things that were done these past two weeks: we replaced all of the posts and railing on the public pool deck with Trex brand railings and built custom horizontal balusters out of copper pipe. We also spray painted all of the handrails leading into the lower pools.

By popular demand and after 19 years of complaints, I reworked all of the plumbing on the public pools and was able to do away with the old plugs that made an annoying "sucking" sound and replaced them with valves and a inconspicuous riser pipe to maintain the pool's water level.

The addition of flowing water sounds and the subtraction of sucking water sounds are very welcomed additions that contribute to making Riverbend a truly relaxing place to spend time.


  1. Love the waterfall Jake...much rinse off the office on the outside.I saw some dirt on the pics

  2. Jake love the improvements to the place can tell alot of love has went into the place . Keep up the good work can't wait to get back there. JJ and Judy