Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Room 3, our Triple Suite is now available!

We took our time, and after several months of refurbishing Room 3, an era officially ends and a new one begins. Few people know that what is now our best room, used to be our only room. Way back in the early 90's, when we first started Riverbend Hot Springs Hostel, Room 3 (a three bedroom apartment) was our Women's Dorm, Men's Dorm, and Couples Room. This was long before our customized mobile homes came along and added fully private rooms to the mix (the King Suites were monthly rentals).

Throughout the years, Room 3 always remained the heart of our lodging options. It was always the center of our communal meals and potlucks, game nights, indoor concerts and served as the main common area before the patio was built. Though it was primarily the Women's Dorm for many years, it also served terms as massage rooms, the office, and most recently, as our Semi-Private rooms.

Combining and refurbishing the three semi-privates into one deluxe suite, marks the official end of our hostel era. No more shared accommodations folks, but the communal feel of Riverbend's spirit lives on, as we are still the only place with public pools, potlucks, concerts, and coffee bar to make meeting fellow travelers that much easier.

Enough reminiscing. On to the specs! Our new Triple Suite is adorned with local artwork, ranging from metal work to artists prints and paper-mâché petroglyphs. It features room for eight people, with three bedrooms (one queen and two full beds) and a futon. Full kitchen with granite counters and oak cabinets add to luxury, while the tile work, Southwest furniture and faux finishes add to the rustic charm. Guests will love the 42" LCD HDTV with BluRay player as well as the electric fireplace and the full bathroom with tiled rain-shower bathtub and ceramic sink. Lots of light (eight windows) and the best views of the courtyard and mountain top off this deluxe suite.

Our Triple Suite is available to book now, but will surely be one of the first rooms to go, especially for families and groups. Stay tuned for some before and after pics!


  1. Wow, it looks really great! Nice job!

  2. Great Job!!! Congratulations on yet another job well done.

  3. What a fabulous upgrade...... Great job....

    Kelly ( Becky & Norm's sister )